Darin Granger

Darin Granger, President of DC Granger Inc, has been building homes in the Northwest for over 18 years… and building them with a unique advantage. A native of the Northwest, he has honed his skills through his apprenticeship with another Northwest native with over 40 years’ experience, his father. With his unique talent for building a well-thought out home, Darin is known for the wonderful flow of his floor plans.

Erik Andrew A. Laag

Erik Andrew directs various architectural phases at DC Granger Inc.: from initial feasibility studies & designs through to construction documentation & administration for our projects.  Born in the Philippines and raised in California; his interests reside in BIM and PIM project delivery methods.  Prior to joining DC Granger Inc., Erik practiced his craft at various schools and design firms in CA where he has worked with numerous residential typologies.  He graduated with honors from the University of California, Santa Cruz and the New School of Architecture + Design, San Diego.  Erik enjoys dreaming about the future and the extraordinary phenomenon to come.